What Is N-Cubator

Initiated by a group of investors lead by China Capital, N-Cubator is a launch platform with the stated mission to provide a unique infrastructure for fast growing technology companies with both existing proven products and a solid and profitable business models in China and Japan to expand into western markets. As part of our investment commitment, we provide critical acceleration functions to expand into the western market.

Brand Consultancy

One of the biggest challenges for Chinese and Japanese companies lies within the problematic brand acceptance of locally recognized brands in most European languages, including English, that trace their roots to romanic origins of words and syllables. On top of that, most startups know about the high costs to acquire the .com domain name of a brand that resonates with the Anlgo-American market. N-Cubator has access to a large portfolio of trademarks and domain names, and is experienced in providing advice and organize focus groups to fast track the laborious and costly search for a suitable brand.

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